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Melbourne Training Options is a Registered Training Organisation that delivers quality nationally accredited courses to individuals who would like to develop and improve their skills.


Melbourne Training Options offers a wide range of high-quality, nationally accredited courses designed to help people seek out paths into a new career or build their skills in an existing career. Our courses follow a specialised curriculum and are all delivered by qualified industry professionals.


Students have access to classroom based learning opportunities supported by highly skilled, industry professionals. Our online learning resource hub also provides helpful links to information about professional development, recognition, strategy and policy, curriculum and teaching resources.


From primary health care to apprenticeships, jobs and training, Melbourne Training Options deliver a complete model of service that lower barriers to access and boost engagement and inclusion. We help empower people to reach their goals and move into meaningful employment opportunities.


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  • Taylah is usually a quiet, unassuming young person who just wants to find a career that she enjoys and she can be proud of. First coming to Youth Projects as via our Transition to Work team, Taylah was supported by the team to secure work in a call centre where she learnt new skills and made new friends. What Taylah soon realised, is that this wasn't really her calling. I didn’t think I would ever do



“Youth Projects supported me to get involved in my local community, to make friends and set goals for myself. After school, I was a bit lost and was really unsure of what I should do. But, after being supported by Youth Projects, I feel that I have confidence to make important decisions independently and to achieve my goals.”

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Liz engaged into Youth Projects Training Services as a shy 20 year old young woman who lacked the confidence and skills to look for work. Through engagement into Youth Projects  and Melbourne Training Options, Liz started to develop the self-esteem and belief in herself that she could succeed and find a job.

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“Participating in all of the training with Melbourne Training Options helped me massively to build up my confidence. I felt great – so I started to apply for jobs and attend interviews. The support from the Youth Projects and Melbourne Training Options team really helped me to move forward with my life goals.”

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